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What is roleplay?

What is a roleplayer?

A roleplayer is a professionally trained actor, who takes on the role of customer, client, or colleague, in a 'roleplay' situation, with the person you are training, recruiting or assessing.

What is roleplay?

Roleplay is a practical, life-like interaction, between a roleplayer and a  candidate or employee, monitored by consultants, trainers or assessors. Through roleplay, candidates, or employees, can demonstrate their skill level, in areas such as; confidence, persuasiveness and resilience. Assessors can test for competencies, employers can find the right person for a job or promotion, and trainers can give feedback, based on what they have just seen.



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What are the applications of roleplay?

1. Skill development. For example; management training that practises staff performance reviews, disciplinary interviews or recruiting talent.

2. Assessment. At assessment centres, testing staff on relevant competencies, company policy and procedure.

3. Selection/Recruitment. Candidates, who possess the required range of skills and competencies, can be identified.

By using roleplay training you can prepare your staff to  succeed in these vital interactions, in a safe environment, where mistakes can be made. Roleplay is widely used to help management  develop their staff communication skills. The use of roleplay assists management in problem solving and highlights new ways of tackling problems.

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